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The whole school are looking forward to watching the Pantomime, ‘Oh Yes We Are’, live from Perth Theatre on Tuesday 15th December. On this date the performers from Perth Theatre will be performing exclusively for our school only. The event will take place through Zoom and each class will be able to watch from the comfort of their own classroom. We are also very excited to be taking part in a dance workshop on Monday 14th December in preparation for the performance. Everyone will be learning a dance which will feature during the show.

This event is not free and is costing the school £3 per child which is significantly cheaper than the cost of attending a pantomime in ‘normal’ times. Including transport this would work out at around £12 per child. We hope that in booking this event we are trying to give the children something ‘new’ and perhaps different from their usual Rattray Christmas experience.
We ask that each of our school families contribute £3 minimum for the pantomime, meaning that even if you only have one child there is a considerable saving for your child and this also means that families who have more than one child can contribute and participate too.

Payment should be made on Parent Pay