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Recently, with the support of Police Scotland, we have been monitoring traffic around the school. It has become very apparent that there are ongoing parking issues in and around the school gates. 
The safety of our children is everyone’s responsibility, parents, pupils and staff.  I appeal to all parents to consider the consequences of your individual actions on the safety of all children coming and going to school.
Please help us keep our children safe by following the rules below:
  • No parking or waiting in the staff car park.  24 Hour access is required for emergency services and deliveries.
  • No drop off/collection in the disabled bay in the staff car park without a blue badge.
  • No parking or waiting in the bus bay outside the school gates.  This is a designated safe drop off area/pick up bay for taxis who transport pupils.
  • No drop off/collection on the white zig zags outside the school gates.  These areas are monitored by Police Scotland and tickets will be issued.
    The safest and most convenient location for parking or waiting is the designated Park and Stride on Hatton Road.
    I appreciate your assistance in this very important matter.  If a friend or family member drops off/collects your child(ren) on your behalf, please can you share this important information with them?
Thank you